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Looking for a historian to interview?

First, use WAKH to locate a historian by subject, chronology, or geography in the “expertise by area” page (please note that these are very broad).  Use our search page to locate more specialized expertise.  Keywords have been added by each historian in building their profile.

Second, contact historians whose profile notes “Media Contact” (vs “No Media Contact”).

Third, responsibly quote and cite these women experts.

For Historians


Looking for a place to share your expertise with media and colleagues?

First, Become a Listed Scholar

Second, share the word about WAKH

Use @womnknowhistory and #womenalsoknowhistory

Like our Facebook page

Refer your friends and colleagues to WAKH

Help us to let journalists know they should be seeking female experts

If you get a media request and can’t help, refer them to another colleague or back to WAKH

Third, share your expertise

Try to support journalists asking for expert assistance

Try to support colleagues asking for expert assistance

Try to make your work visible, through social media, your employer, your publisher, your network of colleagues*

*Resource pages coming soon on building a social media profile, including managing online harassment, syllabus and reading list exchanges, and other topics