Expert Historians.

By promoting and supporting the work of historians who identify as women or non-binary, we offer a concrete way to address explicit and implicit gender bias in public and professional perceptions of historical expertise.

Our searchable website makes it easier to identify and connect with historians who identify as women or non-binary working in a wide range of fields and professional settings.

Our social media campaign raises awareness of historians who identify as women or non-binary, their contributions to historical knowledge, and their roles as public intellectuals.


“So often while planning a conference, brainstorming a list of speakers, or searching for experts to cite or interview, it can be difficult to think of any … scholars who aren’t male. We’ve all been there…. you just know that a woman has got to be studying that topic… but who?”*

Women Also Know History is inspired by and indebted to Women Also Know Stuff (, an initiative to bring attention to the work of women Political Scientists.  We are grateful to WAKS for allowing us to *quote their site, echo their template and learn from their experience, but WAKH is solely responsible for this site and its content.