Who can sign up to be a listed historian on this website?

Any woman or non-binary individual whose primary occupation is historical work is welcome on this site.

Although there are many excellent women and non-binary experts in all fields and areas, this particular website is limited to scholars who have trained as and whose primary work is as historians.

Within this category of people, anyone who is interested in being listed on the website can sign up via the “Become a Listed Scholar” link. People do not receive invitations to sign up, they are not selected to sign up, and the editorial board does not choose who appears on the website.  If you do not see a scholar listed on this website it is only because they have not signed up.

For a list of related initiatives that promote the work of underrepresented groups and individuals, please see this page compiled by our sister initiative, Women Also Know Stuff.

I know of a historian who could be listed on this website. Can I sign them up?

No, we use a verification system that means historians must sign themselves up for Women Also Know History. We strongly encourage you to forward information about the site to anyone you think should be part of this initiative.

If I do not want to be contacted by the media, can I still be on this website?

Yes.  The sign-up form allows you to note whether you want to be contacted by the media. If you do not wish to be contacted, simply select “no media contact.”

I did not sign up to be part of this but my name appears on this website. Why am I listed?

This website does not allow people to add names without the knowledge of the person being added. If you are currently on the website, and did not sign up yourself, please contact an administrator at womenalsoknowhistory@gmail.com

I would like to be removed from this website, how can I do that?

You can use the private link that was sent when you signed up.  An administrator can also remove you from the website. Please contact an administrator at womenalsoknowhistory@gmail.com.

I am a journalist. I contacted a number of  experts from this website who said they were available for media contact and none of them would speak to me. What should I do?

We aim to provide information about historians who are willing to help, though not everyone can reply instantly!  If you have had trouble making contact, Please contact an administrator at womenalsoknowhistory@gmail.com

I am having a technical issue with this website, what should I do?

Please email support at womenalsoknowhistory@gmail.com.

How can I update my information?

You were sent a private link you may use to sign up and also to update your information.  If you no longer have access to your private link, you can retrieve it here: Request Link

Are there similar websites in other fields?

Yes.  Our inspiration site is womenalsoknowstuff.com and they have a list of related sites:

Do you have any suggestions for my profile?

Your profile is your chance to describe your research interests in your own words. We suggest you use this space to discuss your research in a way that is accessible to people who may not be experts in your specific area of work. In particular, you may want to describe your research in a way that will be engaging to people from other areas of history, and if you are interested, journalists and other members of the media.

We also suggest that you make your keywords terms that other people will know, understand, and may be likely to enter in a search field.

Where does the information (keywords, research areas, detailed bios) on this website come from?

The information on this site come from the scholars themselves. We have both pre-approved (by the Advisory Board) and user generated research areas.

I signed up for this website and I meet all the criteria for being listed. Why am I not listed anywhere?

There are two reasons why your information might not be listed on this site.

You might not have completed the sign-up.  Check your email for the link that was sent.

Or, you may have begun the sign up process but never completed the basic required information (e.g. affiliation, research areas, etc.). If this is the case, please log in to your account to complete your profile.

What is @womnknowhistory?

@womnknowhistory is our Twitter handle.  Click here to follow our Twitter page for updates and other content related to Women Also Know History.