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Loughborough University
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book history; print culture; natural language generation; human-computer interaction; empirical literary studies; authorship; digital humanities
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Leah Henrickson is a PhD candidate at the School of Arts, English and Drama at Loughborough University (United Kingdom). Her research aims to discern the social and literary implications of natural language generation and computer-generated texts through theoretical consideration rooted in book history, as well as through empirical study.

Recent Publications

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Leah Henrickson, ‘Computer-Generated Fiction in a Literary Lineage: Breaking the Hermeneutic Contract’, Logos (accepted and forthcoming)

Leah Henrickson, ‘Butterflies, Busy Weekends, and Chicken Salad: Genetic Criticism of @Pentametron’s Output’, Authorship (accepted and forthcoming, Summer 2018)

Leah Henrickson, ‘Tool vs. Agent: Attributing Agency to Computer-Generated Systems’, Digital Creativity (5 June 2018)
DOI: 10.1080/14626268.2018.1482924

Guest Blog Posts RE: Academic Research

Leah Henrickson, ‘We, robot: the computer co-authoring a story with a human writer‘, The Conversation (2 October 2017)

Leah Henrickson, ‘Beauty and the Bot: The Political, Comedic, and Artistic Value of Twitterbots‘, minor literature[s] (29 September 2017)

(Interviewed by) Megan Wright, ‘The case for computers, creativity and natural language generation‘, AI & Intelligent Automation Network (8 September 2017)

Leah Henrickson, ‘We need to consider the social implications of bots writing books about instant chocolate milk‘, The Conversation (5 September 2017)

Leah Henrickson, ‘Behold the Amazing Poetry-Generating Machine!‘, Future Tense (Slate) (29 August 2017)

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