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Egyptology, heritage science, museums, Sudan, coffins, archaeology, conservation
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I am an Egyptologist and scientist at the British Museum, currently analysing organic funerary coatings on Egyptian coffins and cartonnage. I obtained my PhD from UCL in conjunction with the British Museum in 2018. My research was on ancient paint from the ancient town of Amara West, now in northern Sudan.

Recent Publications

Fulcher, K., 2017. Evidence for the use of madder as a pigment in Nubia. Sudan & Nubia 21, 113-116.

Fulcher, K., 2017. Review of Treasures from the Sea: Sea Silk and Shellfish Purple Dye in Antiquity, ed. H. L. Enegren and F. Meo. Papers from the Institute of Archaeology. 27(1), p.Art. 15. DOI:

Fulcher, K., 2017. Review of Mrs Naunakhte and Family: The Women of Ramesside Deir el-Medina by Koenraad Donker van Heel. Papers from the Institute of Archaeology. 27(1), p.Art. 14. DOI:

Fulcher, K., 2017. An investigation of the use of cellulose-based materials to gap-fill wooden objects. Studies in Conservation 62(4). DOI:

Fulcher, K., 2014. The science of colour. In: N. Spencer, A. Stevens & M. Binder (eds.), Amara West: Living in Egyptian Nubia. London: Trustees of the British Museum, 100-101.

Fulcher, K., 2014. Survey on material used to fill wooden objects during conservation. Journal of Archaeology Data 3:e2. DOI:

Fulcher, K., 2014. The diverse use of AJK dough in conservation. Journal of the Institute of Conservation 37/1, 32-42. DOI:

Fulcher, K., 2013. Conserving heritage tiles on the London Underground: challenges and approaches. Papers from the Institute of Archaeology 22: 48-60. DOI:

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