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National Archives; Georgetown University; Johns Hopkins University
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museums, technology, social media, musesocial, museum education, citizen history, citizen archives, public engagement
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2014 Allen-Greil, D. “Exhibition Critique: Variety, Evocative Labels, and Clever Interactives Make for a
Memorable Visit to the British Galleries
,” Exhibitionist Journal (Spring 2014 vol 33.1)

2013 Allen-Greil, D. “Exhibition Studies: Learning and Sharing Expertise with Social Media,”
Exhibitionist Journal (Fall 2013 vol 32.2).


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(Fall 2013 vol 32.2).


Chapters in Edited Volumes

2012 Allen-Greil, D. “Measuring, Analysing and Reporting,” in Conversations with Visitors: Social
Media and Museums, MuseumsEtc (Edinburgh). Also anthologized in  Landon, K. Twitter for

museums: strategies and tactics for success, MuseumsEtc (Edinburgh): 2010.


Allen-Greil, D. “Case Study: National Museum of American History”  in Conversations with

Visitors: Social Media and Museums, MuseumsEtc (Edinburgh). Also anthologized in  Landon, K.
Twitter for museums: strategies and tactics for success, MuseumsEtc (Edinburgh): 2010.


2009 Crimm, Walter L., et al. Planning Successful Museum Building Projects (Unpublished paper by
Allen-Greil, D., excerpted in Chapter 10: Communications Strategies and Chapter 11:
Operations), AltaMira Press.


Published Proceedings

2018 Allen-Greil, D. “Serving researchers in a self-service world,” in Museums and the Web 2018:

2011 Allen-Greil, D and Edwards, S., Johnson, E., and Ludden, J. “Social Media and Organizational
,” in J. Trant and D. Bearman (eds). Museums and the Web 2011: Proceedings.  

2010 Allen-Greil, D. and Macarthur, M. “Small Towns and Big Cities: How Museums Foster
Community On-line
,” in J. Trant and D. Bearman (eds). Museums and the Web 2010:


Digital Publications

2017 Allen-Greil, D. and Stein, R., Evjen, M., and Lytle-Painter, E. “Museums and Digital Strategy
,” Alliance Labs (July 10, 2017).

Allen-Greil, D. and Feldman, A. “#MCN50 Voices with Dana Allen-Greil & Arielle Feldman.” (April
13, 2017). MCN.


2016 Allen-Greil, D., Chen, J., King, M., and Albrittain, K. “Rebooting the Social Media Strategy for the
National Archives.
” Digital Gov (August 26, 2016).

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Change exCHANGE, Ogilvy Public Relations. (October 15, 2012).

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Allen-Greil, D. “Quantified Self: Is self-tracking the future of behavior change?” Social Change
exCHANGE, Ogilvy Public Relations. (February 23, 2012).


Selected posts from Engaging Museums blog


2018 Allen-Greil, D. “Black Mirror and its (sometimes scary) connections to museums and social
.” (January 25, 2018).


2017 Allen-Greil, D. “#AskACurator: What is the biggest challenge in the digital age? Greatest
” (September 14, 2017)


2016 Allen-Greil, D. “Glossary of Museum-Related Hashtags.” (August 1, 2016)


Allen-Greil, D. “Meet Joseph Lobdell/Lucy Ann Slater.” (June 17, 2016)


Allen-Greil, D. “Fun with 404 error pages.” (April 26, 2016)


2105 Allen-Greil, D. “KonMari is good for me but is it bad for museums and archives?
(September 17, 2015)


2013 Allen-Greil, D. “Opinion: The guy who wrote ‘Why I hate museums’ is not lazy, uncultured,
vapid, or unintelligent
.” (August 22, 2013)


Allen-Greil, D. “Are museum apps boring? Maybe, but they don’t have to be.” (August 8, 2013)


Allen-Greil, D. “How does inquiry-based education work when learners are distributed and
” (August 8, 2013)


Allen-Greil, D. “Everything that’s wrong with society? Facebook Home in museums.
(April 23, 2013)


Allen-Greil, D. “#musesocial: What’s the point of social media for museums?” (April 24, 2013)


Selected posts from the O Say Can You See? Blog of the National Museum of American History
(author and managing editor)


2011 Allen-Greil, D. “Beyond ‘Where were you?’—let’s talk about September 11.” (September 7,


2010 Allen-Greil, D. “You asked, we answer: What happened to the Pentagon flag from September

11, 2001?” (October 21, 2010).

Allen-Greil, D. “Designing the American Dream with Mrs. Obama in mind.” (March 10, 2010).

Allen-Greil, D. “Olympic feets.” (February 26, 2010).

Allen-Greil, D. “You asked, we answer: What is the oldest known color photo?” (January 19,


2009 Allen-Greil, D. “Recipe of the Week: Julia Child’s Sole Meuniére.”(September 28, 2009).


Allen-Greil, D. “What the American flag means to you.” (June 12, 2009).

Allen-Greil, D. “Protecting our museums.” (June 11, 2009)


Allen-Greil, D. “25 random things about me.” (April 7, 2009)


Allen-Greil, D. “A secret message inside Lincoln’s watch?” (March 10, 2009)

Allen-Greil, D. “What you’re saying.” (February 10, 2009)


2008 Allen-Greil, D. “Sounds of the season.” (December 11, 2008).


Allen-Greil, D. “That was fast!” (December 9, 2008).


Allen-Greil, D. “A picture within a picture.” (November 26, 2008).


Allen-Greil, D. “A living museum.” (November 25, 2008).

Allen-Greil, D. “Talk of the town.” (November 21, 2008).


Allen-Greil, D. “All atwitter.” (November 18, 2008).


Allen-Greil, D. “Fourscore and seven years ago.” (October 28, 2008).

Allen-Greil, D. “A real national treasure?” (October 17, 2008).


Allen-Greil, D. “Now we’re really rolling.”(October 1, 2008).


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Future. (April 17, 2013).


2010 Finkelstein, J. “O Say Can You Sing? YouTube Contest.” MuseumTimes podcast. (July 28, 2010)


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