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University of Glasgow
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Roman history, history of science, history of technology, history of medicine, impairment and disability, prostheses and assistive technology, Graeco-Roman Egypt, Cleopatra Selene
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I am Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Research Fellow in Ancient Science and Technology at the University of Glasgow.

Recent Publications


2018     in press Prostheses in Antiquity (London: Routledge)

2017     co-edited with E.-J. Graham Bodies of Evidence: Ancient Anatomical Votives Past, Present and Future (Abingdon: Routledge)

2012     Approaches to Healing in Roman Egypt (British Archaeological Reports International S2416) (Oxford: Archaeopress)


Peer-reviewed Contributions to Periodicals and Edited Volumes

2018     ‘Extremity Prostheses in Ancient Greece and Rome’, in V. Delattre and R. Sallem (edd.) Prosthèses: Amputer, Reparer, Appareiller (Paris: CQFD) 241-244 [2000 words]

2018     ‘Hair Loss as Facial Disfigurement in Ancient Rome?’, in P. Skinner and E. Cock (edd.) Approaching Facial Difference: Past and Present (London: Bloomsbury) 65-83 [8500 words]

2017     ‘When Lived Ancient Religion and Lived Ancient Medicine Meet: The Household Gods, the Household Shrine and Regimen’, Religion in the Roman Empire 3.2: 164-180 [7100 words]

2017     ‘Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: the Use of Real, False and Artificial Hair as Votive Offerings’, J. Draycott and E.-J. Graham (edd.) Bodies of Evidence: Ancient Anatomical Votives Past, Present and Future (Abingdon: Routledge) 77-94 [8000 words]

2017     co-written with E.-J. Graham ‘Introduction: Debating the Anatomical Votive’, in J. Draycott and E.-J. Graham (edd.) Bodies of Evidence: the Ancient Anatomical Votive Past, Present and Future (London: Routledge) 1-19 [8000 words]

2016     ‘Literary and Documentary Evidence for Lay Medical Practice in the Roman Republic and Empire’, in G. Petridou and C. Thumiger (edd.) Homo Patiens: Approaches to the Patient in the Ancient World (Leiden: Brill) 432-450 [6000 words]

2015     ‘The Lived Experience of Disability in Antiquity: a Case Study from Roman Egypt’, Greece & Rome 62.2: 189-205 [7000 words]

2015     ‘Smelling Trees, Flowers and Herbs in the Ancient World’, in M. Bradley (ed.) Smell: Senses in Antiquity II (London: Routledge) 60-73 [6000 words]

2014     ‘Who is Performing What, and For Whom?  The Dedication, Construction and Maintenance of a Healing Shrine in Roman Egypt’, in E. Gemi-Iordanou, S. Gordon, R. Matthew, E. McInnes and R. Pettitt (edd.) Medicine, Healing, Performance: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Medicine and Material Culture (Oxford: Oxbow and Philadelphia) 42-54 [6000 words]

2012     ‘The Symbol of Cleopatra Selene: Reading Crocodiles on Coins in the Late Republic and Early Principate’, Acta Classica 55: 43-56 [5500 words]

2012     ‘Dynastic Politics, Defeat, Decadence and Dining: Cleopatra Selene on the So-called ‘Africa’ Dish from the Villa Della Pisanella at Boscoreale’, Papers of the British School at Rome 80: 45-64 [8500 words]

2012     ‘Mauretania’, R. Bagnall, K. Broderson, C. Champion, A. Erskine, and S. Huebner (edd.) The Encyclopedia of Ancient History (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell) [1000 words]

2011     ‘Size Matters? Reconsidering Horus on the Crocodiles in Miniature’, Pallas: Revue d’études antiques 86: 119-129 [5000 words]

2010     ‘The Sacred Crocodile of Juba II of Mauretania’, Acta Classica 53: 211-217 [2500 words]

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