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Nere Jone
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Intxaustegi Jauregi
University of Deusto
Website URL*w3vxic*_up*MQ..*_ga*MTYwMzU5MDM2My4xNjgwNTk0OTMx*_ga_ZVJ1XGGKPL*MTY4MDU5NDkzMS4xLjAuMTY4MDU5NDkzMS4wLjAuMA..#gsc.t
Nere Jone’s research areas concerns Basque and Spanish society and legal history from the Medieval period to Early Modern times with a special focus on: women, kinship, divorce, and dowries
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Recent Publications


  • “Violencia y malos tratos en los matrimonios (Vizcaya, siglos XVII-XVIII)”, Clio&Crimen 19 (2022), 155-171.
  • “Conventos: refugio de mujeres divorciadas tras el Concilio de Trento”, Avisos de Viena 4 (7/2022), 8-13.
  • “Los judíos en las fuentes del Señorío de Vizcaya (siglos XV-XIX)”, Ius Fugit 24 (2021), pp. 147-165.


Book chapters

  • “Divorce in Early Modern Bilbao”, Divorce and Gender in Europe: 1600-1900. A Praxeological Perspectiv [A. Grieseber, D. Evdoxis, ed.], Routledge, 2023
  • “Basque Public Notaries in Early Modern Age: Communication, Translation and Interpreting”, Communication, Translation, and Community in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period: New Socio-Economic Perspectives [A. Classen, ed.], Fundamentals of Medieval and Early Modern Culture 6, Walter de Gruyter, Berlin y Boston, 2022, pp. 379-392 .
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Spain, Western Europe
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Pre-17th century, 17th century, 18th century, Early Modern
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Family, Gender, Local & Regional, Public History, Sexuality, Sexual Violence