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I am interested in the convergence of literary and architectural spaces. My previous work was focused on Expressionism as an Approach to Contemporary Architecture. Currently, I am working on a project entitled: Unfolding Infinity: Expressionism in Sufi Poetics and Islamic Architecture. I am also interested in African Art and Literature, Street Art, and the ecological impact of the built environment on mobilizing the change of social and cultural patterns.

Recent Publications

Book Chapter

  • Dahab, A. (In press). “Aswan High Dam and Haggag Oddoul’s Stories from Old Nubia,” in Postcolonial Literatures of Climate Change, eds. R. McDougall, J. Ryan and P. Reynolds. Leiden, Netherlands: Brill.

Refereed Journal Articles

  • “Cities of Salt; Slow Violence, and the Emergence of Islamic Radicalism in Abdel Rahman Munif’s Petrofiction.” The Scattered Pelican, vol.3, no.1, Winter 2018. pp 58-79.

  • Co-author with Prof. Amr F. El Gohary. “Santiago Calatrava’s Work; Insights into the Technological Potentials of the Expressionist Metamorphic and Biomorphic Forms.” Al-Azhar University Engineering Journal, 10, no. 36, July 2015, pp 973- 984.

Book Review

  • Walls of Freedom: Street Art of Egyptian Revolution by Basma Hamdi and Don Karl. Foreword by Ahdaf Soueif. Berlin: From Here to Fame, 2014.

The Scattered Pelican, vol.1, no. 2, Spring 2016. pp 104-108.


  • “A Space of Censorship or a Censored Space: Prison in Inji Aflatoun’s Paintings and Memoirs” (accepted) ALA 202146th Annual meeting of the African Literature Association BEYOND CENSORSHIP? Literature, Film, Media and Public Discourse. May 2021
  • “The Spiritual Dimension of Colors in Islamic Art: A Hermeneutical Reading through the Lens of Sufism and Expressionism.” (accepted) couleurs et cultures, Université de Haute-Alsace, Mulhouse, France / Basel, Switzerland. April 2021
  • “The Sufi Poetics of Immanence and their Political Implications: A Re-reading through a Deleuzian Lens.” (accepted) American Comparative Literature Association conference, Political Implications of the Poetics of Philosophy. Chicago, USA. March 2020
  • “Spiritual Inspirations of Africa’s Urban Spaces: Between Paul Klee’s Architectonics and the Contemporary Art of “Sub-Saharan” Sufi Mourides.” IV CHAM International Conference FCSH/ Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. Innovation, Invention and Memory in Africa. Lisbon, Portugal. July 2019
  • “Against Institution: Qur’anic Hermeneutics from the Esoteric Reading of Dhū l-Nūn al-Miṣrī to the Literary Reading of Nasr Hamed Abu Zaid.” African Literature Association 45th Annual Conference, Institutions of African Literature: Future, Present, Past. Columbus, Ohio, USA. (Presented in absentia) May2019
  • “Expressionism as a Paradigm to Approach Sufism and Islamic Architecture. ”Western University Graduate Conference, Coding, Decoding, Recoding, London, Ontario, Canada.   March 2019
  • Haggag Oddoul’s Stories from Old Nubia: Drawing the Connection between Immediate Catastrophe behind Aswan High Dam, and Slow Ecological Violence along Nile Valley.” African Literature Association 44th Annual Conference. The Environments of African Literature, Washington DC. USA.  May 2018
  • “The Book of Khalid: The Role of Pseudo-translation in Arab Immigrant’s Literature as Minor Literature.” American Comparative Literature Association conference, Politics and Minor Literatures, Los Angeles, USA.               March 2018
  • “Cities of Salt: The Representation of Post Colonialism, Capitalism, and Islamic Radicalism in Abdul Rahman Munif’s Ecological discourse.” Western University Graduate Conference, Toxic City/ Toxicity, London, Ontario, Canada.    March 2017
  • “Radwa Ashour: Interweaving Africa into a Woman Writer’s Circles of Life and Literature.” African Literature Association 42nd Annual Conference., Justice and Human Dignity in Africa and the African Diaspora, Atlanta, USA.                          April 2016
  • “Egyptian Revolution’s Graffiti: The Walls’ Scream against Rubber Bullets and Tear Gas Bombs.” Western University Graduate Conference, No-Fly Zones and Molotov Cocktails, London, Ontario, Canada.  March 2016
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