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Gender, Migrations, Human Rights, Social Psychology, gender violence, intersectionality
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Joana Topa completed her degree in Psychology in 2004 and her master’s degree in clinical and health Psychology in 2009 at Maia Institute of Higher Education (Portugal). She concluded her PhD in Social Psychology at the University of Minho (Portugal), in 2013. She developed her phd thesis on Maternal and child health care for immigrant population residing in Portugal on the field of Critical Social Psychology. She is a Professor in the Psychology and Criminology courses at the Maia Institute of Higher Education. She is a researcher at Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies (CIEG- Institute of Social and Political Sciences, University of Lisbon). She is participant of international network Women on the Move COST Action (CA19112) [|Name:overview] financed by European Cooperation in Science and Technology. Her research expertises are related to gender, gender violence, feminist studies, intersectionality and migrations. She is considered expert from the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality (CIG-Portugal) for its academic and professional profile in the area of Equality between Women and Men and in the area of Violence against Women and Domestic Violence.

Recent Publications

Topa, J. (2019). Intimate Partner Violence among Immigrant Woman: intersectional challenges in health services. Revista Psiquiatria, Justiça e Psicologia, 16, 121-147.

Topa, J., Nogueira, C. & Neves, S. (2017). Maternal Health Services: an equal or framed territory?, International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare, 10(2). doi: 10.1108/IJHRH-11-2015-0039

Topa, J., Nogueira, C. & Neves, S. (2016). Dos discursos e práticas dos/as técnicos/as de saúde aos direitos das mulheres imigrantes nos contextos de saúde, Revista Faces de Eva, 36, pp. 63-82.

Topa, J., Nogueira, C. & Neves, S. (2016). Vivências de mulheres brasileiras nos serviços de saúde materna, Género & Direito, 5(2), 25-51. DOI: 10.18351/2179-7137/ged.v5n2p25-51

Neves, S., Silva, E., Topa, J. & Nogueira, C. (2016). Mulheres imigrantes em Portugal: uma análise de género, Estudos de Psicologia, 33 (4), 723-733.

Topa, J., Nogueira, C. & Neves, S. (2013). Imigração e saúde: a (in)acessibilidade das mulheres imigrantes aos cuidados de saúde. Saúde e Sociedade, 22(2).

Topa, J., Nogueira, C. & Neves, S. (2010). Inclusão/exclusão das mulheres imigrantes na saúde em Portugal: reflexão à luz do feminismo crítico. Psico, 41(4), 366-373. Retrieved from


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