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Saint Louis University
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U.S. empire pre-1945, transnationalism, transnational American religion, U.S. immigration and migration history, empire and race, imperial transition, transimperialism, race and empire
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A St. Louis native, I have completed my master’s degree in American Studies and am currently working on my doctoral degree. My planned dissertation, “Lives Between Empires: Islanders, Agents, and Activists in the Transimperial Danish West Indies/U.S. Virgin Islands,” examines the transimperial experience of Virgin Islanders, mainlander imperial agents, and diasporic Islander-activists between 1917 and 1941 through case study biographies.

My broader research interests include transnational American religion, empire, and race in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era; immigration and migration history in the U.S. context; and the transimperial and imperial transition.

My most recent article was published in the Journal of Transnational American Studies in 2020.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts cum laude from Knox College in International Relations and Art History, and a Master of Arts with Distinction in American Studies from Saint Louis University. I advanced to candidacy with distinction in 2019 and am currently All-But-Dissertation.

I have presented nationally and internationally at conferences in St. Louis, Missouri; Santa Cruz, California; and in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Professionally I have worked as a newspaper reporter and editor, in the nonprofit sector as a grant writer, and in positions in research administration and communications in higher education.

Recent Publications
  • Flood, A. (2020). ‘Neither citizen nor alien’: Migration, Territoriality, and Malfunctioning Empire in the US Virgin Islands. Journal of Transnational American Studies, 11(1). Retrieved from
  • Flood, A. (2017). “Indian Given: Racial Geographies across Mexico and the United States Maria Josefina Saldaña-Portillo.” The Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association 50 (1): 126.
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