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University of Wyoming
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energy, oil industry, Texas, US West, social and cultural history, environmental history, science and technology, class, race, and ethnicity, capitalism, industrialization, labor, work, digital humanities
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Sarah Stanford-McIntyre is a Visiting Assistant Professor of History and American Studies at the University of Wyoming. She has published on the envirotechnical, industrial, and political history of US oil production. Her work is forthcoming in the journal Technology and Culture and in the edited volume Inevitably Toxic from the University of Pittsburgh Press. She has held research and writing fellowships from several institutions, including the Hagley Museum and Library and the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. She has previously taught at the University of Colorado. She received her PhD from William & Mary in 2017.

Recent Publications


The Texas Oil Industry and The Politics of Environmental Indifference, Proposal Submitted.

 Energy Cinema, Co-editors Robert Lifset and Raechel Lutz, Proposal Submitted.


“Desk and Derrick: How the Women’s Petroleum Industry Club Helped Envision Oil’s Technocratic Future,”Technology and Culture, under review.


“Processing the Past into Your Future: Uncovering the Hidden Consequences of Industrial Development in the West Texas Petrochemical Industry.” Inevitably Toxic?: Historical Perspectives on Contamination, Exposure, and Expertise. Ed. Brinda Sarathy, Vivien Hamilton, & Janet Brodie, University of Pittsburgh Press, in  press.

“The Campus that Oil Built: Visualizing the University of Texas’ Extractive Wealth in the Age of the Corporate University.”Reading the American University, Ed. Meghan Sweeney, McFarland, 2016.


“When Oil Was Modern,” Technology’s Stories, Society for the History of Technology, 2017.

“Toxic Legacy,” Process History, Organization of American Historians, 2017.

“Edward Bellamy,” Encyclopedia of World Poverty, SAGE Reference, 2ndEdition, Ed. Mehmet Odekon & Geoffrey Golson, 2015.

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“Texas,” Encyclopedia of World Poverty, SAGE Reference, 2nd Edition, Ed. Mehmet Odekon & Geoffrey Golson, 2015.

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