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University of Kent, Canterbury, UK
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Religious symbolism, medieval royal iconography, Levina Teerlinc, Nicholas Hilliard, Tudor portrait miniatures,
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I hold a BA (Hons) in the History of Art, Architecture & Design and a Master of Arts in Medieval & Early Modern Studies.  Since 2007 I have been teaching adults various aspects of art history and medieval and early modern history.

My dissertation at BA level was on the war photography of Lee Miller – official war photography for Vogue magazine. ¬†However, my main interest was sparked during my MA year when I heard a radio article about a little known Flemish artist, Levina Teerlinc. She became the focus of my Master’s dissertation in 2006 and my research into her time at the Tudor court is ongoing.

In the past I have written for The Tudor Society, but am no longer associated with populist history websites, preferring to spend my time researching the possible illuminated works of the Bening family and mentoring others as they peel back the layers of history.

Recently I have been working with a TV documentary maker researching the identity of a Tudor portrait that is held in a private collection, and have also been involved in investigating a work (dated 1942) that maybe by the Surrealist, Fernand Leger, created while he was in exile in the US during WW2.

I am a novelist and blogger and am currently writing up my research behind my novel, The Truth of the Line, with a view to publication.

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