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Pottery, Figurines, Prehistory
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  • Martino, Shannon. 2018. The Context and Chronological Relationship of Middle Bronze Age Figurines at Alişar Höyük. Anatolica 44:1-16.
  • Martino, Shannon and Matthew Martino. 2018. A Quantitative Method for the Creation of Typologies for Qualitatively Described Objects. In Vanessa Bigot Juloux, Amy Rebecca Gansell, and Alessandro di Ludovico eds. Cyberresearch on the Ancient Near East and Neighboring Regions: Case Studies Archaeological Data, Objects, Texts, and Digital Archiving. Brill.
  • Martino, Shannon. 2017. Graphite Treated Pottery in the Northeastern Mediterranean from the Chalcolithic to the Bronze Age. Near Eastern Archaeology 80(1).
  • Martino, Shannon. 2014. New Considerations and Revelations Regarding the Anthropomorphic Clay Figurines of Alişar Höyük. Anatolica 40:111-155.
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Turkey, Bulgaria
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Eastern Europe, Middle East
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Art & Architectural History, Material Culture, Migration & Immigration, Museums, Science, Technology