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Black Atlantic, Black Intellectuals, Brazil, Manuel Querino, Booker T. Washington
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Sabrina Gledhill is an independent scholar, author and publisher who holds a PhD in Ethnic and African Studies from the Universidade Federal da Bahia and an MA in Latin American Studies from UCLA. The main focus of her research is on Black intellectuals and their tactics for combating scientific racism. Since her studies for her MA, she has particularly focused on Manuel Querino (1851-1923), a pioneering Afro-Brazilian scholar who was, until recently, overlooked and disparaged by most academics in Brazil. Working with Brazilian colleagues, particularly the historian Jaime Nascimento, Gledhill is striving to restore Querino to his rightful place in the pantheon of scholars of Afro-Brazilian culture. She is currently editing a collection of articles on Querino that will be published in English and Portuguese.

Recent Publications

GLEDHILL, Sabrina. Travessias no Atlântico Negro: reflexões sobre Booker T. Washington e Manuel R. Querino. Salvador: Edufba, 2020

GLEDHILL, Sabrina. “De guerreiros a doutores negros: a contribuiçao de Manuel Querino.” In: PINTO, Ana Flávia Magalhães; CHALHOUB, Sidney (orgs.). Pensadores negros – pensadoras negras, Brasil, séculos XIX e XX. Belo Horizonte:  Editora Fino Traço, 2020 (2nd ed.).

GLEDHILL, Sabrina; POLK, Patrick; CONDURU, Roberto; JOHNSON, Randal (eds.). Axé Bahia: The Power of Art in an Afro-Brazilian Metropolis. Los Angeles: Fowler Museum at UCLA, 2018.


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