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United States Naval Academy
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circum-Caribbean intra-migration, western Caribbean, turtle fishing and conservation, Afro-descended populations in Latin America, and world history.
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I am a historian of modern Latin America, particularly, Colombia and the interstitial places in the circum-Caribbean. My scholarship has examined intra-regional migration, maritime vernacular cultures such as turtle fishing, and race, ethnic inclusion into the nation-state. I have also developed intellectual interests in the scholarship of teaching and learning as it relates to world history. The products of such pursuits are varied. They included instructional videos about decolonization and Cold War in Latin America but also pedagogical essays on how to incorporate African history into twentieth century world history survey with a lesson on the Second World War, Decolonization, and African Veterans. Finally, I enjoy working collaboratively and interdisciplinary contexts.


Recent Publications


The Last Turtlemen of the Caribbean: Waterscapes of Labor, Conservation, and Boundary Making .University of North Carolina Press, 2020.


2019. “What does migration and climate have to do with Latin American Studies? Bridges across Disciplines at the United States Naval Academy,” co-authored with Silvia Peart and Brad Barrett, Middle Atlantic Review of Latin American Studies 3:1: 1-14.

2017. “Disputas Marítimas en el Caribe Colombiano: La pesca de tortuga y el Archipiélago de San Andrés y Providencia, 1910-1930,” Historia Crítica, 66 (2017): 67-85.

2015. “Beyond the Scramble: Africa, the Second World War and Decolonization in a World History Classroom,” World History Connected 12:1 (Feb.)


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