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Newcastle University
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Book history, children’s books, popular literature, cheap print, textbooks, Italy
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I am a book historian passionate with the histories of common people and of their readings.

Research in book history is still in the process of grasping the variety and extent of printed products that were cheaply made and sold, and circulated across the society even among the illiterates. An argument often heard is that we cannot study extensively chapbooks, ballads, and illustrated prints of all sorts, as they were lost in sheer numbers. Which of course they did, but we also have a lot of evidence still lying partially undetected in libraries, private collections and archives. I like to think that my research can recover a part of this evidence, advancing knowledge on the early modern book trade and helping professionals in the cultural heritage sector to engage with their collections.

I got my Ph.D. in Milan, then I carried out post-doc research in Italy, France and the United Kingdom. I am currently a Marie Sklodowska-Curie research associate at Newcastle University and my current project investigates the interactions of children with cheap print (1700-1900). I have previously researched almanacs, schoolbooks, works of science popularisation.

I was lucky to study a good variety of Western European languages, which allows me to adopt a transnational approach, but also to read literature published in different regions, to grasp the nuances of different research traditions and to keep abreast with new trends and approaches.

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