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Emily J.
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University of Nottingham
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Ancient Judaism, Early Christianity, women, gender, midwifery
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Dr. Emily J. Gathergood is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham (2022-2025), working on women and gender in ancient Jewish and early Christian texts and artefacts, with a particular interest in the construction of women’s bodies in relation to salvation. Her doctoral project, The Midwifery of God, focuses on the early reception of Eve’s childbearing ‘curse’ (Genesis 3:16) in a cluster of texts which envisage its divine reversal.

Recent Publications

Special Delivery: The Hidden Birth of Jesus in the Ascension of Isaiah 11,’ Ancient Jew Review (Nov 2021)

Nurture Habits of Goodness,’ Church Times (May 2021)

Papyrus 32 (Titus) as a multi-text codex: a new reconstruction‘, New Testament Studies 59(4) 588-606 (2013)

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Mediterranean, Middle East
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Mediterranean, Middle East
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Children & Youth, Disability, Family, Gender, Material Culture, Medicine, Race, Religion, Sexuality, Sexual Violence, Slavery, Women