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Early Modern Period, Eighteenth Century, History of Medicine, Diagnosing Death in Enlightenment England, Prevalence of Premature Burial, British Medicine, England, Enlightenment Medical Theory, Definition of Death, Buried Alive in Western Europe, Resurrectionists, Death Studies, Defining Death, Eighteenth Century Medical Education, Historical Vampire Accounts, Early Vampire Literature, Burial Process, Buried Alive in Western Europe, Medicine and Surgery During American Revolution, Early Republic, Public History, Digitizing History
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Like most historians,  I love to talk about my research.  I’m a historian by training, although I work in healthcare technology full time. I love doing art and comedy, and Disney and Star Trek.

My historical research started with the Founding era of America, where I researched the physical and mental health of Washington and his advisors.  Then I started researching the medicine of the American Revolution.  Before ending up in England, studying the crossroads between academic and domestic medicine.  That gave me the foundation of knowledge to really dig in and study the history of the diagnosis of death in Enlightenment England.


I study the social implications of an ambiguous definition of death during eighteenth century England.  Basically, medical theory and technology of the time had not evolved to a point where death could be regularly and accurately diagnosed. This was especially true because physicians were not the only people doing the diagnosing.

This ambiguity resulted in 2 main responses, one from the medical community and one from the public.  The medical community continued to evolve the medical theories as the related to death, and bought cadavers outside the legal means.  The public came up with ways to verify that the buried were dead, and literature of the nineteenth century started to echo medical knowledge and fears of the eighteenth century.

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I’m open to talks, lectures, advising, co-productions, writing, etc.

Recent Publications

In Contract with MacFarland Publishing, with projected release in early 2022.

Irizarry, Dre M.; Salomone, Nicole; Chojnacki, Karen A.; Yeo, Charles J.; Cowan, Scott W.; Bogar, Linda J. (2015). Dr. Mary Edwards Walker: Years Ahead of Her Time. The American SurgeonVolume 81, Number 1, January 2015, pp. 9-11(3)2015. PMID: 25569042

Salomone, Nicole. (2011) Forgotten: A Novella. Wasteland Press.



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