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Rutgers University
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U.S. and the World, U.S.-East Asian relations, U.S.-China relations, World War II, memory studies
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I am a PhD candidate in the Department of History at Rutgers University. I earned my Bachelor and Master of History from Northeast Normal University in Changchun, China. My dissertation “Shared Past, Discordant Memories” explores and compares how memory actors in the U.S., mainland China, and Taiwan have constructed narratives of U.S.-China WWII military cooperation, especially in terms of the U.S. wartime military presence, for the past 75 years. I investigate how such memories have interacted with politics, international relations, and identity formation in the past seven decades. I have taught undergraduate courses on the history of U.S.-China relations.

Recent Publications

“Wartime Storytelling and Mythmaking: Interpreting and Remembering the Flying Tigers in the United States, 1941-1945,” Journal of American-East Asian Relations (Forthcoming).

“China Is Signaling Its Desire to Improve Relations With the US. Is Anyone Listening?” The Diplomat, September 25, 2020,

Review of Cassella-Blackburn, Radical Anti-Communism in American Politics after World War II, 1945-1950: William C. Bullitt and the Campaign to Save Nationalist China (2018) for Journal of Russian American Studies (May 2020).

Review of Lizzie Oliver, Prisoners of the Sumatra Railway: Narratives of History and Memory (2018) for H-War,

“An Analysis of the U.S. Psychological Strategy Board’s Escapee Program (1951–1953),” World History (《世界历史》), no.5 (2012): 48-57.

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the United States, China, East Asia
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