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Simonow (she/her)
South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University
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History of Modern South Asia, Colonialism, Anticolonialism, Global and Transnational History, Women's and Gender History, History of Famine, Humanitarianism and Development
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I am a historian and assistant professor in Heidelberg, Germany. I specialize in the history of modern South Asia and have published on the history of food aid, famine relief and development. To broaden my research profile and feed my long-standing interest in the history of anticolonial movements, I am currently working on my second book on the sexual history of Indian anticolonial internationalism. Using untapped family archives, I bring to light the many exclusions in the history of decolonization and Indian nation-building that have obscured the intimate, personal and sexual nature of these historical and political undertakings.

I have been teaching seminars on the history of women’s movements, feminism, sexuality and colonialism, the history of Indo-German Entanglement, Development and Humanitarianism.

Recent Publications

2023: Ending Famine in India. A Transnational History of Food Aid and Development, ca. 1890-1950 (Leiden University Press, 2023).

2022: “American Humanitarianism in Colonial South Asia: The Famine Relief of the American Marathi Mission in Bombay, 1896–1900” in Harald Fischer-Tiné and Nico Slate (eds), The United States and South Asia from the Age of Empire to Decolonization: A History of Entanglements (Leiden University Press, 2022), 85-106.

2021: “Famine relief in colonial South Asia, 1858–1947: Regional and global perspectives” in Maria Framke and Harald Fischer-Tiné (eds), Routledge Handbook of the History of Colonialism in South Asia (Routledge, 2021), 497-509.

2021: “The Rise and Demise of Multi-Purpose Food in India: Food Technology, Population Control and Nutritional Development in the Post-War Era, c. 1944–66,” South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies 44,1 (2021), 167-84.

2020: “The Great Bengal Famine in Britain: Metropolitan Campaigning for Food Relief and the End of Empire, 1943–44.” The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 48,1 (2020), 168-197.

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South Asia, North America, Europe
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Asia, India, North America, United Kingdom, Western Europe
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19th century, 20th century
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Colonialism, Emancipation, Food History, Gender, Rebellion & Revolution, Science, Sexuality, Women