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Railway excursions in early Victorian period in Britain, leisure travel of working class women in early Victorian period in Britain, female WW2 railway workers in Britain
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I am a railway historian, now retired and living in York. My railway research interests and publications have focused on early working class railway excursions, and more recently on women railway workers in World War 2.

I am an independent scholar and Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

Recent Publications

Major, S. (2015) Early Victorian Railway Excursions: ‘The Million Go Forth’ (Pen & Sword, Barnsley)
Major, S. (2018) Female Railway Workers in World War Two (Pen & Sword, Barnsley)
Major, S. (2020) ‘Observing ‘Saint Monday’: variations in the potential for leisure mobility for workers in the north of England in the mid-19th century’ in David Turner (ed.) Transport and Its Place in History: Making the Connections (Routledge, London)

Major, S. (2006) ‘Personal mobility patterns in rural West Yorkshire, 1840-1900: exploring the effect of a new railway, using a geographical information system (GIS) (University of York unpublished Masters dissertation)
Major, S. (2012)‘The Million go Forth’: Early Railway Excursion Crowds, 1840-1860 (University of York, unpublished PhD thesis)

Peer reviewed publications
Major, S.(2015) Railway excursion agents in Britain, 1840-1860, Journal of Transport History, 36 (2015) 22-40
Major, S.(2017) New crowds in new spaces: railway excursions for the working classes in North West England in the mid nineteenth century, Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, 166 (2017)

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