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early modern history, counter-reformation, exile and migration, travel, archives, Catholic minorities
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I’m a British Academy post-doctoral fellow at the University of Oxford, where I arrived after a research fellowship at Jesus College, Cambridge. My work focuses on minority Catholicism as an insightful case study to analyse the Counter-Reformation. My first book assesses the lay English Catholic expatriate experience in terms of a broad concept of ‘confessional mobility’ (forthcoming with OUP). My next project is about archives and record keeping, through the prism of the ‘counter-archives’ which Catholics minorities (both English and Dutch) started to create in the later seventeenth century.

Recent Publications

My first book, Confessional Mobility and English Catholics in Counter-Reformation Europe, will be published by Oxford University Press by the end of 2018. You can read a summary here.


  • Dislocation and Record Keeping: The Counter Archives of the Catholic Diaspora’, in: Alexandra Walsham, Kate Peters, and Liesbeth Corens (eds.), The Social History of the Archive: Record Keeping in Early Modern Europe, Past & Present Supplement 11 (Oxford, 2016), 269-287.
  • Saints Beyond Borders: Relics and the Expatriate English Catholic Community’, in: Jesse Spohnholz and Gary Waite (eds.), Exile and Religious Identity, 1500-1800 (London, 2014), 25-38.
  • Sermons, Sodalities, and Saints: the Role of Religious Houses for the English Expatriate Community’, Trajecta 21 (2012), 118-136.
  • Catholic Nuns and English Identities: English Protestant Travellers on the English Convents in the Low Countries, 1660-1730’, Recusant History 30 (2011), 441-459.


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