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Montclair State University
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Early modern Europe, eighteenth-century France, France and the Ottoman Empire, coffee, turquerie, women's history, gender history
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Julia Landweber (Associate Professor of History) received her Ph.D. from Rutgers University. A specialist in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century France, she has published on the cultural and political relationship between France and the Ottoman Empire, on “turquerie” in early modern French culture, and on the early history of coffee in France. Her research interests include cultural history, women’s and gender history, and the history of food and drink. She is writing a book about the history of coffee in France.

Recent Publications

“Leaving France, ‘Turning Turk,’ Becoming Ottoman: The transformation of Comte Claude-Alexandre de Bonneval into Humbaraci Ahmed Pasha,” in Living in the Ottoman Realm: Everyday Life and Identity from the 13th to 20th Centuries, ed. Christine Isom-Verhaaren and Kent F. Schull (Indiana University Press, 2016).

“‘This Marvelous Bean’: Adopting Coffee into Old Regime French Culture and Diet,” French Historical Studies, 38 (2) April 2015: 193-223.

“Venetian Vagabonds and Furious Frenchmen: Nationalist and Cosmopolitan Impulses among Europeans in Galata,” The Journal of Ottoman Studies, 44 (Fall) 2014: 197-220.

“How Can One Be Turkish? French Responses to Two Ottoman Ambassadors,” in Europe and Turkey in the 18th Century, ed. Barbara Schmidt-Haberkamp (Göttingen, Germany: V & R University Press, 2011): 403-415.

“Domesticating the ‘Queen of Beans’: How Old Regime France Learned to Love Coffee,” World History Bulletin, 26 (1) Spring 2010: 10-12. (Special focus issue on France in World History)

“Was Sophie Germain Revolutionary? Reexamining the Education of an Early Female Mathematician,” Consortium on the Revolutionary Era: Selected Papers, 2007 (July, 2008): 48-56.

“Fashioning Nationality and Identity in the Eighteenth Century: The Comte de Bonneval in the Ottoman Empire,” The International History Review, 30 (1) March, 2008: 1-31.

“Celebrating Identity: Charting the History of Turkish Masquerade in Early Modern France,” Romance Studies Quarterly, 23 (3) 2005: 175-189.

“Turkish Delight: The Eighteenth-Century Market in Turqueries and the Commercialization of Identity in France,” in Proceedings of the Western Society for French History, vol. 30, 2004: 202-211.

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