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Early Middle Ages, Late Antiquity, cult of saints, Hagiography, Merovingians, Gregory of Tours, identity
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Historian of Late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages, specializing in cultural, social, and religious history. Working on hagiography, cults of saints, and the identity discourse in the post-Roman world.

Recent Publications


Hagiography, Historiography, and Identity in Sixth-Century Gaul: Rethinking Gregory of Tours, Amsterdam University Press 2021

Edited Volumes

Stefan Esders, Yitzhak Hen, Pia Lucas, Tamar Rotman (eds.), The Merovingian Kingdoms and the Mediterranean World. Revisiting the Sources, Bloomsbury 2019

Paper in referred journals

“For Future Reference: The Auto-Hagiography of Gregory of Tours,” Revue Bénédictine (accepted, forthcoming in 2024)

“Voluntary Martyrdom in Ancient Christianity and the Deaths of Agathonice”, Historia: Journal of the Historical Society of Israel 35 (2015), pp. 5-30 [in Hebrew]

Chapters in collected volumes

“Imitation and Rejection of Eastern Practices in Merovingian Gaul: Gregory of Tours and Vulfilaic the Stylite of Trier”, in The Merovingian Kingdoms and the Mediterranean World. Revisiting the Sources, eds. Stefan Esders, Yitzhak Hen, Pia Lucas, and Tamar Rotman (London and New York: Bloomsbury, 2019), pp. 113-123

“Critical Art and Constructive Criticism”, in The “Old Man”: David Ben-Gurion and His Legacy in the Mirror of Israeli Art, ed. Haim Maor [Exhibition Catalogue], (Ben Gurion University of the Negev, 2010), pp. 25-27 [Hebrew] and 207-210 [English]


Review of Bonnie Effros and Isabel Moreira, The Oxford Handbook of the Merovingian World, in Speculum (forthcoming)

Review of Samantha Kahn Herrick (ed.), Hagiography and the History of Latin Christendom, 500-1500, in Journal of Medieval Religious Cultures 48.2 (2022), pp. 257-261

Review of Allen Jones, Death and afterlife in the pages of Gregory of Tours: religion and society in late antique Gaul, in Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2021.12.39 (2021)

Review of Gregory I. Halfond, Bishops and the Politics of Patronage in Merovingian Gaul, in Francia Recensio 2021/2 (2021)

Review of Alexander C. Murray, Companion to Gregory of Tours, in Plekos 22 (2020), pp. 277-284

Review of H. C. Teitler, The Last Pagan Emperor: Julian the Apostate and the War against Christianity, in Scripta Classica Israelica 38 (2019), pp. 180-182


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