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Poland, World War Two, Second World War, 20th Century Europe, Cold War, Holocaust, Concentration Camps, Germany, Auschwitz
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Alina Nowobilska is a historical research assistant who has worked under Historians such as Nikolaus Wachsmann and Jessica Reinisch, translating from Polish to English and studying various forms of documents and the like. She graduated from Birkbeck University with an MA in European History, and her dissertation was on the survival of the first mass transport into Auschwitz.

She┬ádivides her time between England and Poland. Being of Polish heritage, her great grandfather was the General in defence of Lwow in 1939 and her grandfather took part in the Warsaw Uprising against the Germans in 1944, her research covers multiple topics within the sphere of Polish history and she holds a special interest in people’s personal stories.

When not roaming around Europe or blogging she spends her time on social media, educating the public about her historical specialties. She has visited schools and given talks to children and pre-teens regarding various topics of the Second World War, including Concentration camps, as well as public talks in England like Chalke Valley History Festival and various conferences in the UK and abroad.

She is also the co host for the successful podcast History Hack that is available on Spotify, Apple Music and other various music platforms.

Alina has also appeared multiple times on Polish TV, Halo Polonia and on other Polish platforms.

Alina is also a qualified Archaeologist and has participated in numerous excavations ranging from the Neolithic Period to World War Two airplanes.

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Polsat (polish TV) 2018, Halo Polonia 2019, 2017
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