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DePaul University
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archaeology, prehistory, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, museums, tourism, antiquities trade, Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Early Bronze Age, artifacts, material culture, exhibits, cultural heritage law
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Morag M. Kersel is an archaeologist who works in the Eastern Mediterranean in the Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age periods. Morag is associate professor of anthropology and director of the Museum Studies Minor at DePaul University. She earned a PhD in Archaeology from the University of Cambridge. She also holds a Master of Historic Preservation (with Distinction) from the University of Georgia, a Master of Arts in Near Eastern Studies from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Classical Studies from Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada. In addition to participating in archaeological excavations and surveys in Egypt, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Palestine, and Turkey, Morag is interested in the relationship between cultural heritage law, archaeological sites and objects, and local interaction. She also works on the public display and interpretation of archaeological artifacts in institutional spaces. She has published a number of articles and is the co-author (with Christina Luke) U.S. Cultural Diplomacy and Archaeology: Soft Power, Hard Heritage (2013) and co-editor (with M.T. Rutz) of Archaeologies of Text: Archaeology, Technology, and Ethics (2014).

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Greece, Israel, Jordan, Palestine
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Mediterranean, Middle East
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Colonialism, Diplomacy, Law, Material Culture, Museums