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late medieval, early modern, religion, authenticity, proof, memory, pilgrimage, pilgrims, replicas, souvenirs, material culture, pilgrim badges, Reformation, Counter-Reformation, saints, Virgin Mary, Nazareth, Holy Land, travel, travel writing, pilgrimage narratives, conversion, consumption, eating and drinking, hospitality, ephemera, public history, placemaking
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Hello! My research, broadly speaking, looks at the impact of the Reformation on travel and travel writing. I look at how late medieval and early modern Europeans continued to think about, write about, and travel to the Levant in the post-Crusade era. I’m also interested in the souvenirs they picked up along the way, especially pilgrim badges.

My dissertation looked at shrines to the Holy House of the Annunciation in England, Scotland, Italy, and Nazareth– some replicas, some purporting to be the actual house of the Virgin Mary, miraculously transported to Europe– and how people tried to prove that they were authentic.

My new project investigates how people talked about the Reformation and religious change while they were traveling. I’m particularly looking at how people had these conversations over shared meals, looking at how the rules of hospitality interacted with religious debate.

Recent Publications

“’This Tenne Thousand Times Polluted Chappell’: Loreto in the British Isles.” In The Itinerant Shrine: Art, History and the Multiple Geographies of the Santa Casa of Loreto, edited by Matteo Chirumbolo, Erin Giffin, and Antongiulio Sorgini (Leiden: Brill, 2025). On Britons arguing for and against the authenticity of an Italian shrine, and what their debates reveal about Britain’s sense of its place in a changing world.

“Place, Proof, and Pilgrimage: The Shifting Site of the Annunciation in Early Modern Travel Writing.” In Sacri Monti and Beyond: Holy Land Simulacra and Monumental Stational Programs across Europe, c. 1400-1600, edited by Achim Timmerman (Turnhout: Brepols, 2025). On how the Reformation and Counter-Reformation changed the ways in which holy spaces were authenticated, and how Europeans imagined he Holy Land between the end of the Crusades and the rise of the Grand Tour.

“Building the New Nazareth: History and Sacred Space at an English Shrine.” In Visual Ecologies of Placemaking, edited by Leslie Atzmon and Pamela A.V. Stewart (New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2024). A reconstruction of the late medieval pilgrimage experience at a Marian shrine, drawing on both archaeological and written sources. It explores how pilgrims created meaning via their sensory experiences and their movements through the site.

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