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Moreno Megías
Research Group HUM152 Universidad de Sevilla / Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural de España
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Archaeology, Pre-Roman History, Iron Age, Pottery, Ancient Economy, Ancient Ceramic Technology, Cultural Change, Romanization, Phoenician, Punic Archaeology
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I am an archaeologist specialized in pottery studies from the Iron Age and the beginning of the Romanization in the SW Iberian Peninsula.
At present, my research activities focus on the development of the Phoenician-Turdetanian pottery tradition in the SW Iberian Peninsula and its transition after the Roman conquest.
I have worked as a Post-Doc Professor for the University of Seville and the Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan. I also did several Post-Doctoral research stays in Rome and Vienna.
I finished my PhD in Archaeology at the University of Sevilla (Spain) in September 2017. My dissertation focused on the production and distribution of amphorae during the Late Iron Age in the lower Guadalquivir valley. I have also developed research works about Late Bronze Age pottery, Baetican amphorae and Hellenistic tableware in Punic and Turdetan pre-Roman communities.

Recent Publications

– Moreno Megías et al. (2021): “Ánforas prerromanas y romano-republicanas (Siglos III-I a.C.) procedentes de contextos productivos del Bajo Guadalquivir: caracterización técnica y composicional”. Boletín de la Sociedad Española de Cerámica y Vidrio.

– Krueger, M., Moreno Megías, V. y Brandherm, D. (2020): “Chemical and petrographic characterization of
indigenous Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age pottery from SW Iberia”. Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 35: 1-7.
– Rizzo, G. y Moreno Megías, V. (2019): “Roma e le prime importazioni di alimenti ispanici trasportati in
anfora”. Journal of Roman Archaeology, 32: 23-38.
– Moreno Megías, V. (2019): “Nuevos datos sobre la fabricación de ánforas turdetanas. Una revisión de las
fases y manufacturas de producción de Cerro Macareno (La Rinconada, Sevilla)”. Lucentum, 38: 153-170.
– Moreno Megías, V. y Krueger, M. (2019): “Chemical and petrographic characterization of pottery of
Phoenician tradition from Early Tartessian centers”. Rivista di Studi Fenici, 47: 87 – 102.

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Spain, Portugal, Italy
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