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University of Toulouse, France
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race; medicine; slavery; ethnography; historical sociology; history of racial science; history of psychiatry; ancestry; recreational genetics; African-American History; archives;
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Élodie Grossi, Ph.D, is an Assistant Professor of American Studies at Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès.

She obtained the agrégation in English in 2014, and from January 2015 to December 2016 she was Visiting Graduate Researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles, and a member of the research center EpiDaPo (UCLA-CNRS). In 2017-2018, she received the Fulbright and Georges Lurcy fellowships to complete her dissertation at Tulane University and was affiliated to the department of History as a Visiting Research Fellow. In 2018-2019, she was a temporary lecturer of American Studies at Université Versailles St Quentin-en-Yvelines

Her research focuses on the social history of racialized psychiatry in the segregated South and the medicalization of the black body from the 19th century until the contemporary era.

Recent Publications

Bad Brains : la Psychiatrie et la Lutte des Noirs américains pour la Justice Raciale, XXème et XXIème siècles, Presses Universitaires de Rennes, Rennes, July 2021.

“Truth in numbers: Emancipation, race, and federal census statistics in the debates over Black mental health in the United States, 1840-1900,” Endeavour, vol. 45, n° 1–2, 2021.

“Behind the hospitals’ closed doors: medical archives as sites of racial memory and social (in)justice,” Revue Française d’Études Américaines, vol. 162, n°1, 2020, p. 35-50.

“New avenues in epigenetic research about race: online activism around reparations for slavery in the United States,” Social Science Information, vol. 59, n°1, 2020, p. 93-116.[]

“‘A Patient Labor’ : le travail des patients noirs et les pratiques de résistance dans les asiles psychiatriques du Sud, 1870-1940,” Revue Française d’Études Américaines, vol. 160, 2020, p. 200-214. []

“Medicine of the Black Body,” Books and Ideas, 18 octobre 2019.

“Clinique politique et politiques de la clinique : le cas des unités de soins psychiatriques ethno-raciales de l’université de Californie à San Francisco,” Genèses, n°111 (juin 2018), p. 92-113.

“Police privée sur la ville : les enjeux des pratiques policières du University of Chicago Police Department,” Déviance et Société, volume 41, numéro 1, 2017, p. 29-55.

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