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labor, work, migration, agrarian studies, farming, Mexican Revolution, historical archaeology, architecture
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My research areas include Mesoamerican ethnohistory, historical archaeology, and environmental archaeology with a specialty in zooarchaeology. From 2006-2015, I directed a research project that examined the social and cultural origins of revolution in Puebla, Mexico using the disciplines of ethnohistory, ethnography, and archaeology. The resulting book, Biography of a Hacienda: Work and Revolution in Rural Mexico (University of Arizona Press, 2014) won the James Deetz Prize in 2016.

My current research examines the experience of migrant workers in the blueberry fields of Maine. There, I am using the methods of oral history, ethnography, and ethnoarchaeology to understand how families and communities function in the context of migrant labor camps.

Recent Publications

Newman, Elizabeth Terese Biography of a Hacienda: Work and Revolution in Rural Mexico. 2014 University of Arizona Press. Winner of the 2016 James Deetz Award.

Newman, Elizabeth Terese Taming Chaos: Labor, Economy, and Society in Nineteenth Century Mexico. Historical Archaeology. In press.

Newman, Elizabeth Terese Life on the Great Haciendas: Indebted Workers, Popular Religion, and Ethnicity in preparation for the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History ed. William Beezeley Under contract with Oxford University Press.

Newman, Elizabeth Terese Landscapes of Labor: Architecture and Identity at a Mexican Hacienda. International Journal of Historical Archaeology. 2017 International Journal of Historical Archaeology 21(1): 198-222.  DOI 10.1007/s10761-016-0329-6.

Newman, Elizabeth Terese and Karime Castillo Cárdenas San Miguel Acocotla: arqueología de una hacienda del siglo XIX. in Segundo Coloquio de Arqueología Histórica Desenterrando fragmentos de historia, siglos XVI al XIX. 2016 ed. María de Lourdes López Camacho.  pp. 119-136.  Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia. Mexico City.

Newman, Elizabeth Terese De colonia a país: los trabajadores de la Hacienda Acocotla y la cultura material en el México del siglo XIX in Enfoques en Torno a la Arqueología Histórica de Mesoamérica: Homenaje a Thomas H. Charlton.  2015 eds. Patricia Fournier G. and Walburga Wiesheu. pp. 177-201. Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, Colección Científica. Mexico City.

Newman, Elizabeth Terese Historical Archaeology at the Hacienda San Miguel Acocotla, Puebla, Mexico. 2014 Latin American Antiquity 25(1): 27-45.

Newman, Elizabeth Terese and Benjamin West Teaching Archaeology in the Twenty-First Century: Social Relevance. 2014 Society of American Archaeology Archaeological Record 14(3): 12-14

Newman, Elizabeth Terese From Prison to Home: Coercion and Cooption in 19th Century Mexico. 2013 Ethnohistory 60(4): 663-692.

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