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Gender, Race, Communism, Anti-Fascism, Birth Control, Abortion
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Dr. Denise Lynn is an Associate Professor of History and Director of Gender Studies at the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville, Indiana, United States. She is a monthly blogger for Black Perspectives and the Vice-President of the Historians of American Communism. She received her Ph.D. in History in 2006 from Binghamton University, SUNY. Dr. Lynn’s research focus has been on women in the American Communist Party during the Popular Front. She is particularly interested in rank-and-file women in the Party who operated outside of the Central Committee. Dr. Lynn’s publications include the internationalist perspective of Communist Party women in the campaigns to support the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War, and the Italian invasion of Ethiopia. She has published on communist led meat boycotts in 1935 as well as fears of Nazi pronatalist policies and sister policies in the United States that restricted women’s access to birth control. Dr. Lynn has also explored the lives of individual women in the Communist Party, including Claudia Jones and Juliet Stuart Poyntz. Her articles have appeared in American Communist History, Women’s History Review, Journal of Cold War Studies, Radical Americas, and Journal for the Study of Radicalism. Dr. Lynn is currently completing a manuscript on the 1937 disappearance of American spy Juliet Stuart Poyntz and how her disappearance was part of the larger anti-communist narrative in Cold War America. In this project, Dr. Lynn argues that American anti-communism has roots in the American left as well as the right.

Recent Publications

“DuBois and the Jefferson School of Social Science,” Marxist Sociology Blog, October 2019, (

Co-Authored with Sakina Hughes and Aimee Adam, “Race and Racism in the Historical Imagination: Slavery and Civil Rights in Popular Culture,” Volume 22 Midwest Social Sciences Journal, 2019, pp. 85-100.

“The Disappearance of Juliet Stuart Poyntz,” Laura Ansley, ed., Killing Clio Series, Nursing Clio, (, June 2019.

“Enlightening the Working Class: W.E.B. Du Bois and the Jefferson School of Social Science,”32:3 Socialism and Democracy, 2018, pp. 164-180. Invited publication

“Reproductive Sovereignty in Soviet and American Socialism During the Great Depression,” 17:1, American Communist History Journal September 2018.

Fascism and the Family: American Communist women͛s anti-fascism during the Ethiopian Invasion and the Spanish Civil War, 15:2, American Communist History Journal, December 2016, 177-190.

Anti-Nazism and the Fear of Pro-Natalism in the American Popular Front, 1:1, Radical Americas Journal, December 2016, 25-43.

͞The Historical Erasure of Violence Against Black Women, January 2018 (

͞The Communist Reimagining of Black History, March 2018 (

Claudia Jones and Ending the Neglect of Black Women, March 2018 (

Black Women and the Scottsboro Boys, May 2018 (

“Before the Central Park Five there was the Trenton Six,” July 2019 (

“Claudia Jones against the Korean War,” September 2019 (

“The Killing of John Derrick,” October 2019 (

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