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Center for Jewish History
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Jewish History, American Immigration and Ethnic History, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Collective Memory, History of Masculinity, Irish History, Jewish Gender, Military History, American History, Modern Europe, European Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict
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I am currently writing a book on Jewish American Masculinity in the twentieth century. I have also researched and written about Holocaust representation in film, Irish history and ethnic conflict, Jewish representation in film and media, Jewish American race relations, Jews in American counterculture, and Jewish participation in the American military.

I hold my PhD in History, and master’s degree in Holocaust and
Genocide Studies. In addition, I specializes in antisemitism and antisemitic rhetoric, and have spoken publicly on the subject in several venues. Before entering academia, I worked for several years in Jewish non-profit, as an educator, educational director, engagement director, and education development specialist at various institutions.

Incorporating my background in Holocaust history with a passion for education and pedagogy, I’ve led educator workshops on teaching the Holocaust to the public and as school curriculum, as well as on educating the public and Jewish communities on antisemitism and antisemitic rhetoric.

Recent Publications

Manuscript in Process: From Talking Softly to Carrying a Big Shtick: Jewish Masculinity in Twentieth-Century America

“Review: Reviewed Work: Internal Combustion by Steve Faigenbaum (director).”  Journal of American Ethnic History 35, no. 3 (Spring 2016): 123-124.

 “My Reflections on Anne Frank” (Student workbook, teacher’s guide, and supplementary materials.) Farmington Hills, MI: Holocaust Memorial Center Zekelman Family Campus, 2013.  ISBN: 978-0-9845213-4-0

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Gender, Genocide, Holocaust & Nazi Persecution, Material Culture, Migration & Immigration, Race, Religion, Sexuality, World War I, World War II