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Institute of Historical Research, London and Roehampton University London
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Modern German History; History of the Weimar Republic; history of sex reform, reproduction and feminism.
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I have published widely on women’s issues and especially the campaign for sex reform and reproductive freedom in Weimar Germany; I have recently moved into female desire in Nazi Germany and especially the Second World War and love letters between home and front during 1939-1945.

Recent Publications


`Love Letters from Front and Home: A Private Space for Intimacy in the Second World War?’, in Elizabeth Harvey et al.. eds, Private Life and Privacy in Nazi Germany (Cambridge, 2019), 280-303.

“Female Sexual Desire and Male Honor:  German Women’s Illicit Love Affairs with Prisoners of War during the Second World War”, special issue of the Journal of the History of Sexuality on `Transgressive Sex, Love and Violence during the Second World War: Case Studies from Britain and Germany’, vol. 26, no 3, September 2017, 454-488.

`Bio-Politics and Gender in the First World War and Weimar Germany’, in Gabriele Metzler/Dirk Schumann eds., Geschlechter(un)ordnung und Politik in der Weimarer Republik (Bonn: Dietz, 2016), 109-134.

Cultures of Abortion in Weimar Germany (Berghahn, paperback edition, 2011).

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Gender, Medicine, Sexuality, Women, World War I, World War II