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University of Sheffield
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history of health, history of medicine, medieval history, Carolingian history, global middle ages, manuscript studies, biocodicology, digital humanities
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Broadly, I work on early medieval health and medicine, with particular interests in the relationship between medical knowledge and practice, the movement of knowledge, and the global middle ages. While my research is largely based on in-depth textual analyses (and often involves working directly with manuscripts), I am keen to incorporate interdisciplinary approaches and collaborate with researchers in other fields (archaeologists, palaeopathologists, biologists, (ethno-)pharmacologists, imaging specialists, conservators, etc.).

I am currently holding a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship at the University of Sheffield, ‘Crossroads: The Evolution of Early Medieval Medicine in Global & Local Contexts’.

Recent Publications

Burridge, C., ‘Incense in medicine: an early medieval perspective’, Early Medieval Europe 28 (2020), 219-55,

Burridge, C., ‘Healing Body and Soul in Early Medieval Europe: Medical Remedies with Christian Elements‘, Studies in Church History 58 (2022), 46-67

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Carolingian world
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