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Columbia University
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English Channel, cartography, sixteenth-century Europe, maritime history
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I am a Lecturer in the Core Curriculum at Columbia University, where I completed my PhD in History in Jun 2021. My research focuses on the maps and politics of the early modern English Channel and the many major historical events which took place on its waters, including the Dutch Revolt and the Spanish Armada. My work on the region provides valuable historical background for later European politics, including the rhetoric around and imagined identities of the Channel during the current Brexit crisis.

I write about travel and graduate school on my personal website, and am active on Twitter. A portfolio of my teaching work at Columbia is available here. I am also listed on LinkedIn and willing to receive information about ‘academic+’ or ‘alt-ac’ positions.

Recent Publications

“Mapping and Using the English Channel, c.1550-1610.” Imago Mundi 72.2.

“‘As Glad a Father As Ever Was King’: The Reformation Counterfactuals of Henry VIII’s Children.” Rethinking History: The Journal of Theory and Practice1: 109-120 (2012).

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England/United Kingdom, Netherlands, France
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British Isles, England, France, Netherlands, Western Europe
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Pre-17th century, 17th century, Early Modern
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