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María de los Ángeles
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Boston College
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Spatial history, Border Regions, Environmental History, Modern Latin American History, Chile, Argentina, Nation-Making, Geography, Space and Place.
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I am a historian of Modern Latin America with an interest in nation-making, border regions, spatial history, and the environment.

I am currently Assistant Professor of History at Boston College.

My book project examines how explorers, settlers, authorities, visitors, and bandits in the Northern Patagonian Andes, a border region between Chile and Argentina, created new understandings of the nation through their regional, often cross-border experiences of a space. This study shows how these different actors sought to make Patagonia their own by transforming a collection of geographical sites into a landscape that evoked a shared past and a common future. I examine the changing ways that people imagined the Northern Patagonian Andes and how they depicted it to others. My project analyzes written, visual, and geospatial sources to reveal multiple understandings of the border region that generated different interpretations of the nation.



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Chile, Argentina
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Latin America
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5, 7, 8
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