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Economic History, Early modern, Clergy history, Basque Country History,
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Degree in Geography and History from the University of Zaragoza (1986), Doctor in Economic History from the University of the Basque Country (1992) and associate professor in the Department of History and Economic Institutions.

Her research focuses on the economic analysis of the clergy, as well as demographic trends and economic growth in the rural and urban world in the Basque Country and La Rioja during the Modern Age. Likewise, it has deepened the origins of Gipuzkoa industrialization through the analysis of corporate structures and business interests. She is the author of four books, 9 book chapters, 6 articles in impact journals (JCR), 5 in SCOPUS journals (SJR), 16 articles in national journals well positioned in RESH, 35 papers in national and international congresses. He has two six-year terms recognized by CNEAI.

She has taken an active part in the process of adapting Higher Education to the European Education Area as a teacher and teaching team teacher. She has been part of Educational Innovation teams related to the development of competencies and student engagement, being a Principal Investigator in one of them. She is co-author of 13 articles and co-editor of two collective books on teaching innovation. She has also participated in 32 conferences on teaching economics and economic history, being a member of the Scientific Committee in four of them.

Recent Publications

“La aventura de fundar: la versión heroica de las crónicas religiosas” en Atienza, A. (ed.) Iglesia Memorable. Crónicas, historias , escritos…a mayor Gloria. Siglos XVI-XVIII, IER 2012,

Atienza, Á; Catalán, E; Muñoz, F.  Conventos de la Rioja. Su historia en las crónicas religiosas de época barroca (Logroño, 2011);

Integración regional y especialización agraria en la España del Antiguo Régimen. La Rioja, 1545-1800, Revista de Historia Agraria, 52 (2010), pp. 13-42

“La participación del bajo clero en el excedente agrario vasco y riojano (1545-1775)”, Investigaciones de Historia Económica (2010) pp. 35-66

“El derecho de patronato y el régimen beneficial de la Iglesia Española en la Edad Moderna”, Hispania Sacra 56 (2004)

El precio del purgatorio. Los ingresos del clero vasco en la Edad Moderna (Bilbao, 2000)



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