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University of Tennessee, Knoxville
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Disasters, environment, gender, human rights, France, nineteenth and twentieth centuries
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I am an environmental and cultural historian of modern France, with research interests in networks of knowledge, disaster studies, and human rights in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. My first book situates the Great Flood of 1910 in the Seine Basin within the longue durée of knowledge production around water in France and the French Empire. I argue that the Great Flood was a turning point in opening elite spaces for knowledge production to incorporate lived experiences along the river’s edge.

As a teacher-scholar, I also research and publish on ungrading assessment models based on mastering learning outcomes. Currently, I am publishing two articles using quantitative and qualitative research on Linda Nilson’s specifications grading in a large, general education course.

Recent Publications

Mayo, C. “Spectacularizing Parisian “Savages” during the Great Flood of 1910: How les Apaches Overshadowed the Cult of the Hero in les Quatre Grands.” The Journal of the Western Society for French History 46 (2018).

Forthcoming: “Disaster Citizenship to Counter Gendered Reparations: A Case Study of the Great Flood of 1910 in the Seine Basin”

Under Review: “Specifications Grading in a Large Classroom Setting: A How-to Guide”

Under Review: “The Epistemological and Scientific Debate of Responsibility for the Great Flood of 1910: An Act of God or an Envirotechnical Disaster?”

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France and the French Empire
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