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adaptation; audiences; educational broadcasting; features; intermediality; modern reception of ancient Greece; public engagement; radio; radiogenic drama; television; theatre; 20c British cultural history.
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I am a cultural historian working on radio and television programmes on literary, dramatic and historical themes in 20th-century Britain. My writing centres around questions of adaptation, intermediality, audience experience and education, exploring the roles of that these mass media had in the cultural and educational lives of individuals from 1922. I have a sustained interest in ancient Greece (especially its drama and poetry) on British radio and television and I have also researched the radio and television work of figures such as Harold Pinter, Louis MacNeice and Dylan Thomas.

I am based in the Department of Film, Theatre and Television at the University of Reading, working on the AHRC-funded Harold Pinter Histories and Legacies project (2017-19). I am also Visiting Fellow in the School of Arts and Cultures at the Open University (2018-21), a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and Associate Editor of The Radio Journal. 

I serve on the UK Radio Archives Advisory Committee and enjoy curating occasional public engagement events for the British Library and BFI Southbank drawing on my archival research. On BBC Genome’s recent publication online of the facsimilies of Radio Times from the 1930s, I gave an interview on BBC R4’s PM programme and contributed an article to the March 2018 issue of the BBC History Magazine.

My third monograph, Greece on Screen: Greek Plays on British Television, is under contract with Oxford University Press; it will be a companion volume to Greece on Air: Engagements with Ancient Greece on BBC Radio, 1920s-60s (OUP, 2015). My first monograph, published in 2011, is a theatre history of the city and University of Oxford. I am currently writing essays on arts and humanities education on interwar radio; oral poetry and the aural imagination; intermedial Pinter. I have edited a number of essay collections. Two that have appeared in 2018 are Ancient Greece on British Television, co-edited with Fiona Hobden (EUP) and Radio Modernisms: Features, Cultures and the BBC, co-edited with Aasiya Lodhi (Media History special issue).

Recent Publications



Academic essays in journals and edited books:


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  • ‘Introduction. Radio Modernisms: Features, Cultures and the BBC’, with A. Lodhi, Media History 24.2 (2018), 159-65.
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  • ‘Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood, “a Play for Voices” on Radio, Stage and Television’, Critical Studies in Television 9.3 (2014), 77-88.
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