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University of Notre Dame
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French Revolution, European history, socio-cultural history, economic history, gender history, popular politics, democracy, markets, reconciliation
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Katie Jarvis is the Carl E. Koch Associate Professor of History at the University of Notre Dame. She is a historian of early and late modern France. Her research focuses on popular politics, broadly conceived, during the French Revolution. She is especially interested in the intersection of social and cultural history, as well as gender history. She teaches courses on French and European history from the sixteenth century to the present.

Jarvis’s most recent book, Politics in the Marketplace: Work, Gender, and Citizenship in Revolutionary France (Oxford University Press, 2019), integrates politics, economics, and gender to ask how Parisian market women invented notions of citizenship through everyday trade during the French Revolution. While analyzing how the Dames des Halles and marketplace actors shaped nascent democracy and capitalism, this book challenges the interpretation that revolutionary citizenship was inherently masculine from the outset.

Jarvis is currently working on a book project entitled Democratizing Forgiveness: Reconciling Citizens in Revolutionary France. This study probes how the French revolutionaries refashioned forgiveness through economic, judicial, and cultural venues from 1789 to 1802. Jarvis has published in the Journal of Social History, French Historical StudiesLa Révolution française, and Annales historiques de la Révolution française. She has also co-edited a special issue of Genre & Histoire. Her research has been funded by the Fulbright Association, the American Council of Learned Societies, the Mellon Foundation/Council for European Studies, and the Société des Professeurs Français et Francophones d’Amérique, the Nanovic Institute, and the Kellogg Institute.

Politics in the Marketplace: Work, Gender, and Citizenship in Revolutionary France (Oxford University Press, 2019)

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Recent Publications

Politics in the Marketplace: Work, Gender, and Citizenship in Revolutionary France, Oxford University Press, January 2019.

Book Project in Progress: Democratizing Forgiveness: Reconciling the Nation in Revolutionary France

“Revolutionizing Mediation: Resolving Civil Conflict at the Justices of the Peace, 1789-1792,” Journal of the Western Society for French History, Vol. 46 (Published February 2020): 99-120.

“‘In the Name of Humanity’: Redefining Socioeconomic Assistance in the Revolutionary Marketplace,” French History, 33, 4 (December 2019): 520-536.

“‘Patriotic Discipline’: Cloistered Behinds, Public Judgment, and Female Violence in Revolutionary Paris” in Practiced Citizenship: Women, Gender, and the State in Modern France, edited by Nimisha Barton and Richard Hopkins (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, January 2019): 19-49.

“The Cost of Female Citizenship: How Price Controls Gendered Democracy in Revolutionary France,” French Historical Studies, 41, 4 (October 2018): 647-680. *Awarded the James L. Clifford Best Article Prize, American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

“Exacting Change: Money, Market Women, and the Crumbling Corporate World in the French Revolution,” Journal of Social History, Advanced Access: (October 2016), Print: 51, 4 (June 2018): 837-868.

Clare Haru Crowston, Dominique Godineau, Samuel Guicheteau, Katie Jarvis, Anne Montenach, Clyde Plumauzille “Regards croisés: Genre, travail, et cité,” Annales historiques de la Révolution française, n°394, 4 (2018), 129-153. Invited Contribution.

“Position de thèse: Politics in the Marketplace: The Popular Activism and Cultural Representation of the Dames des Halles during the French Revolution,” in La Révolution française, 8 (2015).

Anaïs Albert, Fanny Gallot, Katie Jarvis, Anne Jusseaume, Eve Meuret-Campfort, Clyde Plumauzille, and Mathilde Rossigneux-Méheust, eds. “Genre et Classes Populaires – In Situ.” Special Issue of Genre & Histoire, n°17 (2016).

Lynn Hunt and Katie Jarvis, “Interview with Lynn Hunt: ASECS at 50,” Eighteenth-Century Studies, 52 (Sept. 2019-July 2020).

“Compte-Rendu: Dominique Godineau, Les Femmes dans la France moderne, XVIe– XVIIIe siècle,”Cahiers d’histoire. Revue d’histoire critique, n° 137 (March 2018).

“Book Review: Julie Hardwick, Family Business: Litigation and the Political Economies of Daily Life in Early Modern France, and Geraldine Sheridan, Louder Than Words: Ways of Seeing Women

Workers in Eighteenth-Century France,” in Gender & History, 23, 1 (April 2011): 193-195.

“Council for European Studies Fellowship Report,” in Perspectives on Europe, 40,1 (2010): 21-23.


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