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University of Arizona
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histories of memories, historical consciousness, historical photographs, philosophy of history, Nothing, museums, 19th century Europe and Germany, collective memory, cultural history
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My research focuses on thematic issues of collective memory, historical consciousness and historical photography, with topics such as the rise of the modern museum, collective historical preservation, photographs as evidence and forms of memory, and the experience of historical consciousness at ruins sites and in response to “nothing happened.”  By framing Nothing as a historical object, I offer an entirely new way to think about remembering the insignificant past.


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My published work includes my book Collecting and Historical Consciousness in Early 19th-Century Germany (Cornell University Press, 2000) and a volume for which I was the contributing editor, Museums and Memory (Stanford University Press, 2000). Current projects about to appear in print: contributing editor, The Cultural History of Memory in the Nineteenth Century (Bloomsbury Publishers, 2020) and a monograph entitled Nothing Happened. A History (Stanford Univ. Press, 2021).  I have published articles in History and Theory, The American Historical Review, History & Memory, The Journal of Modern History, and numerous collections.

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