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Heidelberg University
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Aegyptiaca romana, Egyptomania, Transcultural studies, Classical reception, Ancient Rome, Ancient Mediterranean, Ancient Egypt, World's Fairs, Display, Materiality, BIPOC, Diversity in academia, Archaeology, Digital humanities, 3D modeling, Museums & technology, Arts fundraising
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PhD candidate at Heidelberg University working on Roman usage of Egyptian material and imagery in the 1st-3rd centuries CE. Digital history, 3D modeling, databases, & archaeology. Additional expertise in the 18th-20th century history of display of Egyptian materials in the US, Italy, and UK Egyptomania, as well as digital humanities, museums and technology, and museum fundraising/financial structures and community relations. Advocate for increasing diversity in Classical Archaeology, Western Egyptology, and Ancient Mediterranean studies.

Recent Publications

“L’arrivo degli oggetti al museo e i primi allestimenti” in Missione Egitto 1903-1920: L’avventura archeologica M.A.I. raccontata with co-authors Paolo del Vesco & Beppe Moiso (Museo Egizio di Torino, 2017).

‘Technology and Crowdfunding’ inĀ ArtTactic South Asia Special Report: Art and Philanthropy, 2020 with co-author Shwetal A. Patel.

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Italy, Egypt, UK, USA
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Mediterranean, Middle East, Western Europe
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Ancient, 7
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Art & Architectural History, Colonialism, Material Culture, Museums, Race