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University of Zagreb, Croatia
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History of Dress and Textiles, History of Art, Material Culture, Cultural History, Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, Museum Studies
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Alicia Mihalic earned a Master’s degree in Theory and Culture of Fashion from The University of Zagreb, Croatia. She is currently employed as an Assistant Lecturer at the same graduate study programme and is responsible for courses related to history and ethnology of dress and textiles. Her research focuses on the intersection of costume history, fashion theory, and material culture studies, and establishes connections between dress and its socio–cultural representation in painting, photography, and film. She is mainly interested in the phenomenon of nostalgia, trend mechanisms, and the revival of former dress styles throughout the nineteenth century as well as the development of marginal clothing discourses during the second half of the same period. Her work has appeared in various journals across the areas of theory, culture and visual arts and has recently analysed links between the role of clothing and the absence of living bodies within the museum environment.

Recent Publications

(2020) “Principles and Practical Implications of the Reconstruction of Historical Dress Artefacts in Museum Environment.” In Simoncic, K. N. (ed.) From Replica of Historical Dress to Costume. Zagreb: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology. pp. 42-60.

(2020) “Review of Barbara Burman and Ariane Fennetaux, The Pocket: A Hidden History of Women’s Lives, 1660-1900.” The Journal of Dress History. vol. 4. issue 4. Winter 2020. pp. 109-112.

(2019) “Liberating the Natural Movement: Dance and Dress Reform in the Self-Expression of Isadora Duncan (1877-1927).” The Journal of Dress History. vol. 3. issue 3. Autumn 2019. pp. 7-36.

(2018) “Pre-Raphaelite Dress and Visual Culture: The Role of the Past in the Development of Marginal Discourses.” In Paic, Z. and Purgar, K. (eds.) Theory and Culture of Fashion: disciplines, approaches, interpretations. Zagreb: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology. pp. 281-304.

(2018) “Pictorialism and Sartorial Symbolism: A Poetic Response to Modernity at the Turn of the Twentieth Century.” In Boultwood, A. and Hindle, S. (eds.) Culture, Costume and Dress: The Proceedings of the 1st International Conference. Birmingham and Shanghai: Gold Word Publishing. pp. 65-68.

(2016) “Fashion and Museology: Aporias of the Absence of the Living Body.” Art Magazine Kontura. no. 133. pp. 73-77.

(2016) “A Contemporary View on the Leisure Class: In Search of the Clothing of Proust’s Muse.” Art Magazine Kontura. no. 133. p. 10.

(2016) “Protean Images of Fashion: Revaluation of Past Styles in New Settings.” In Paic, Z. and Purgar, K. (eds.) Theorizing Images. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. pp. 245-259.

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