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Institute of Heritage Sciences, Spanish National Research Council
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West African History, West African Archaeology, Mali Empire, Kaabu
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I am an archaeologist specialising in pre-colonial states in West Africa. Currently a researcher for the Institute of Heritage Sciences at the Spanish National Council, I previously worked as a Teaching Fellow in African Archaeology at UCL. Since 2011 I  direct an archaeological project in the Upper Casamance Region (Senegal) documenting the so far unknown archaeology of the medieval kingdom of Kaabu.

Recent Publications

Book chapters & articles

  • Canos-Donnay. 2019. The Mali Empire’. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of African History.
  • MacDonald, K. & Canós-Donnay S. 2019. ‘West Africa, 400-1400 CE’. In M. Fraser (ed) Sir Bannister Fletcher’s Global History of Architecture, 21st edition. Vol 1. London: Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 508-20.
  • Moshenska, G; Canós-Donnay, S; Fernández Fernández, J; 2019. ‘Wheelbarrows full of mud: Improvising a learning programme on a community archaeology project’. Journal of Community Archaeology and Heritage 6(2), 139-49.
  • Canós-Donnay, S., 2017. ‘Arqueología de la Alta Casamance, Senegal: una primera aproximación’. Actas de las primeras jornadas de Arqueología Africana, M.Sahnouni, S. Semaw & J. Rios Garaizar. Burgos: CENIEH, 599-622.
  • Canós-Donnay, S. 2016. ‘Shifting sedentism in the Upper Casamance (Senegal)’. Azania 51(4), 453-68.


  • TEDx Madrid 2019, La historia ignorada de África 
  • TedX GoodEnough 2015, Africa’s missing history


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Senegal, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Mali
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Ancient, Medieval, Pre-17th century, 17th century, 18th century, 19th century
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Art & Architectural History, Colonialism, Diplomacy, Local & Regional, Material Culture, Military, Politics, Public History, Slavery