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Surgery, gynaecology, vaccination, science and medical journalism, first aid and lifesaving, eighteenth-century medicine, nineteenth-century medicine, humanities in medical education.
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I am a historian of medicine and healthcare, primarily working on  Britain from 1750 onwards. My doctoral research was on the history of surgery and my book, Belly-Rippers, Surgical Innovation and the Ovariotomy Controversy, explores a controversial operation developed in the nineteenth century – the removal of the ovaries. Following this project  I went on to do further research on surgical risk and innovation and have written about the development of keyhole surgery in the 1980s.

More recently I’ve been working on a history of medical journalism. I’m interested in how medical information circulates between professional and public spheres, particularly in regard to more contested practices, such as vaccination. My second book project will explore the global development of medical journalism as a specialist form of writing in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and how this has shaped the meaning of medicine.

I also write about the history of first aid and how it became a cultural phenomenon in Victorian Britain.

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