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marine archaeologist, ships iconography, ancient maritime trade
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I am a marine archaeologist. My research is about ancient ships, maritime trade, maritime scene and harbor depictions in ancient arts, fishing methods in antiquity, and anything that relates to maritime depictions in mosaics, graffiti, frescoes,  oil lamps and any ancient arts (3rd century BCE-8th century CE).

Recent Publications

2018    “The Boat Depicted in the Yakto Thalassa Mosaics: Is it a Dug-Out?”, Journal of Mosaic Research, Vol. 11.3, pp. 63-77

2017     “Why are Ships Depicted in the Lod Mosaic?”, in: Heide Frielinghaus, Thomas Schmidts, Vasiliki Tsamakda (Eds.): Schiffe und ihr Kontext Darstellungen, Modelle, Bestandteile – von der Bronzezeit bis zum Ende des Byzantinischen Reiches; Mainz: Byzanz zwischen Orient und Okzident 5, pp. 134-144

2016    “Fishing from Boats and Ships in Roman Mosaics from the Mediterranean”, Acta del V Congresso International de Archaeología Subacuática (IKUWA): Cartagena, 15-19 de octobre 2014, pp. 626-642

2014a  “The Fishing Medallions in the Northern and Southern Aisles Mosaic Floor of the Church of Beit Loya, Israel: State of Salvation”, Parole De L’Orient, Vol. 39, pp. 484-507

2013a  “The ships depicted in the Kelenderis Mosaic”; in: Mehmet Tekocak (Ed.): K. Levent Zoroğlu’na Armağan: Studies in Honor of K. Levent Zoroğlu; Suna-Research Institute on Mediterranean Civilizations, Antalya; pp. 277-291

2013b  “Quelle rotte perdute”, Terrasanta – Nuova serie Anno VIII, Numero 5, pp. 38-41

2011a     “Maritime Scenes Graffiti from Caesarea”; in: Ayalon E. and A. Izdarechet (Eds.): Caesarea Treasures, Vol. I; Keter Publishers, Jerusalem; pp. 31 – 38 (Hebrew)

2011b  “Ships Depicted in the Madaba Map Mosaic”, in: Mustafa ŞAHİN (ed.): 11th International Colloquium on Ancient Mosaics, October 16th – 20th, Bursa, Turkey, İstanbul, Mosaic Research Center – AIEMA – TURKİYE, pp. 391-404

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