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Harvard University, Women's Media Center, She Rose Up
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astrofeminism, history of gendered bias in the space sector, history of women in data, history of women's contributions in space, history of motherhood penalty, advancing gender parity in the space sector, female-centric space priorities, the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Index as applied to space governance, policy & priorities, applying smart power to a modern global space code, space tech & climate action/mitigation progress, earth-centric space priorities, space & feminist theory, diversity & inclusion in space governance, policy & priorities, a transdisciplinary perspective of astropolitics, the motherhood penalty, bias and behavioral design, workplace gender bias
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Highlights: I am a featured expert at Women’s Media Center, founded by Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem, as well as Women Also Know Stuff and (here) Women Also Know History. I founded “She Rose Up” in 2012 and have personally funded 123 loans to women without access to traditional capital (Q1’21). Small loans provide dignity and transform lives.

Experience: I am the theorist who coined the term and developed the theory of Astrofeminism at Harvard University, 2021. To address gendered data gaps within the aerospace sector, I created 6 new datasets that are unique to the industry. Prior to completing my Master’s degree, I was part of the Creative team at Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., and Paramount Pictures. Highlights include: the Harry Potter films, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Six Feet Under, Tom & Jerry and the Sopranos.

Skills: Journalism (space and science made accessible), Creative, Academic & Screenwriting. Tech geek, language of R, NFT aficionado and conversational Thai. Global citizen and collaborator: I have worked with and spent time in over 40 countries.

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