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University of Malawi
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Colonial and Mission History, Ethnic Identities, Gender, Ethnicity.
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Dorothy Tembo, “Mission education and its impact on the construction of African social identities in colonial Malawi (1875–1935)” in Education, Communication and Democracy in Africa;
A Democratic Pedagogy for the Future, ed. Chikumbutso Herbert Manthalu, Victor Chikaipa, Anthony Mavuto Gunde, London:Routledge, 2021

Dorothy Tembo, “Missionaries and the Construction of Christian Homes: Examining the Formation of African Social Identities in Colonial Malawi,” International Bulletin of Mission Research, April 19, 2021,

Dorothy Tembo, “‘They Were Kept Outside but Their Interest Was Inside’:: An Examination of the Role of African Women in the Construction of Social Identities in Colonial Malawi,” in Politics, Christianity and Society in Malawi, ed. Kenneth R. Ross et al., Essays in Honour of John McCracken (Mzuni Press, 2020), 191–214,

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20th century
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Colonialism, Gender, Religion