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University of Malta
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Antonello da Messina and his followers, Renaissance Art, Late Medieval and Renaissance art, Eastern Sicilian Renaissance Art, Venetian Renaissance art, Gender issues in Art, Mediterranean artistic cross currents, Renaissance workshop practices, Franciscan patronage, gender issues
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Dr Charlene Vella leads research undertaken for Late Medieval and Renaissance art studies. She read for an undergraduate degree at the University of Malta in History of Art, which she followed with an M.A. also from the University of Malta for which she was awarded a Distinction. She successfully completed her Ph.D. at the University of Warwick where she was the recipient of a full scholarship. Her Ph.D tutor was Dr Donal Cooper (University of Cambridge).

Her first book is ‘The Mediterranean Artistic Context of Late Medieval Malta 1091-1530′ (Midsea Books, 2013) and she has just published “In the Footsteps of Antonello da Messina: The Antonelliani in Sicily and Venice in the Late Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Centuries” (Midsea Books, 2022). She is also the author of several papers in journals and edited books and participates in international conferences, the latest being the Bruges Symposium XXII for the Study of Underdrawing and Technology in Painting in March 2022.

She has since 2018 convened the Dynamics of Mediterranean artistic interaction in the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance Periods conference at the Valletta Campus. Dr Vella is a member of the Malta Planning Authority’s Design Advisory Committee. She is also curator of several local exhibitions by contemporary artists.

Dr Vella was a Committee member of the Malta Historical Society (MHS) between 2009 and 2013. She is the Academic Coordinator for ERASMUS students and Undergraduate dissertations for the Department of Art and Art History, and a member of the Faculty of Arts’ Student Requests Committee, the Course Catalogues & Programmes Committee, and the MAMS Board of Studies.

Recent Publications

VELLA, C., 2022. In the Footsteps of Antonello da Messina: the antonelliani between Sicily and Venice, Valletta: Midsea Books.

VELLA, C., 2021. ‘New insights into the painted crucifix attributed to Antonio de Saliba in the V&A Museum, London’. The Antiquaries Journal, 101, pp. 269-300.

VELLA, C., 2019. ‘Marriage Alliances for the Sake of Art: The case of Renaissance Messina, Sicily, and the Repercussions for the Maltese islands’. Storja 2018-2019, pp. 1-24.

CHARLENE VELLA, 2018. ‘Unrecognised paintings by Antonio de Saliba on Malta’. Melita Historica 2017, XVII (2), pp. 115-148.

VELLA, C., 2018. ‘An Antonello School Madonna and Child at the Musée Jacquemart-André, Paris: New Considerations’. In: J. AZZOPARDI, ed, Tribute to Alain Blondy. Malta: Fondation de Malte, pp. 399-433.

VELLA, C., ed, 2016. At Home in Art: Essays in Honour of Mario Buhagiar. Valletta: Midsea Books.

VELLA, C., 2016. ‘Three recently restored Renaissance paintings by Antonio De Saliba in Malta’. At Home in Art: Essays in Honour of Mario Buhagiar. Valletta: Midsea Books, pp. 47-65.

VELLA, C., 2015. In the footsteps of Antonello Da Messina: the Antonelliani in Sicily and Venice in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries. PhD edn. University of Warwick.

VELLA, C., 2013. The Mediterranean Artistic Context of Late Medieval Malta: 1081-1530. Valletta: Midsea Books.

VELLA, C., 2012. ‘A Late Medieval and an Early Modern Window in the Reserve Collection of the National Museum of Archaeology’. Proceedings of History Week 2009, Charlene Vella ed., Malta Historical Society.

VELLA, C., ed, 2012. Proceedings of History Week 2009. Malta: Malta Historical Society.

VELLA, C., 2010. The Mediterranean context of the art and architecture of medieval Malta, 1091-1530. MA in History of Art. University of Malta.

VELLA, C., 2010. ‘Sculpture in Malta in the Early Post-Muslim Period’. 60th Anniversary of the Malta Historical Society: A Commemoration, Joe Grima ed., Malta Historical Society, pp. 455–66.

VELLA, C., 2008. ‘New Light on Petronilla, the oldest bell in Malta’. Melita Historica, XV (1), pp. 49-54.

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